ANR Cares About Each And Every Job From Beginning to End

Participating in Various Special Art Projects

In 2011, MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital unveiled the Tree of Life.

This phenomenal project was the hard work of over 300 pediatric patients and their siblings. Every component of the tree is a hand-made contribution of their shared journey. This weekly art activity at MD Anderson was a wonderful way to break up a child’s treatment and give them a creative outlet.

Evie Wilcox, CEO of ANR Transport LLC, received a phone call inquiring about transportation for the piece to exhibit in local areas and immediately said yes - stressing that all transportation and labor would be free of charge.

Part of any successful business is caring about and supporting the community and the Tree of Life is certainly an important project that deserves to be shared and seen. Cancer is a terrible disease that affects our lives and ANR feels strongly about donating services for charities such as this incredible art project.

Alligator Project

This was a relocation project for an alligator sculpture going from a private residence to a sculpture garden in another state.

The sculpture required precise stabilization from beginning to end due to its condition.

For a smooth transition, ANR consulted with other professionals. This was a complex job from the beginning that permitted us to liaise with fellow colleagues in the business. This special project is a great example of collaboration within our field.