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Packing Your Valuable Items Using Museum Methodologies

ANR offers a variety of museum methodologies in packing your fine art, antiquities and valuable objects of all kinds.
ANR applies museum quality procedures to prepare and package your shipment.

  • Softwrap: is a process that uses clean polyethylene (dartek) for the face of the piece, bubble wrap the edges, and secured with tape. This method is sufficient for most framed two-dimensional works.
  • Shadow Box: is a technique used when a piece of artwork is still wet or the face has protrusions or objects hanging off the front. Shadow Box uses a simple cardboard collar that is fits around the edge of the piece. The cardboard collar extends out to protect and prevents the polyethylene (dartek) or anything else from touching the face of the piece.
  • Slipcase: is a simple, fold container for two-dimensional works. Cardboard is used to protect the front of the piece from any punctures. Slipcase does not provide shock or vibration protection but ANR uses Ethafoam to protect pieces during its transits.
  • Blanket Wrap: ANR uses clean blankets and free of tape residue. Blanket wraps offer surface protection but does not offer any structural support.
  • C-BINS: ANR also packs pieces into C-Bins. Each C-Bin is protected with Polyethylene Foam (Grey High Density Foam) on the bottom for a smoother transit and blankets are used to fill any voids in the box.
  • MasterPak: ANR uses polyethylene foam (Grey High Density Foam) and double walled cardboard for this process. ANR can exchange cardboard for a crate style MasterPak.
  • Furniture Pack: ANR uses paper blanket wraps to protect the surface face, uses soft pack materials, and uses cardboard to create slip cases to protect the piece during transit.
  • Crate: A crate is probably one of the most secured methods of transportation.

ANR has a variety of methods that you can use to ship objects of any size. For more information please go to our crate shop section.