ANR Cares About Each And Every Job From Beginning to End

A Reputable Fine Art Transportation and Packing Company

With more than 120 years of combined experience, our team at ANR Transport LLC, has acquired the skills, knowledge, and expertise to cover your fine art transportation needs. We truly care about every job we handle, so you can expect nothing but the best services from our company.

Providing Discounts

Our clients can take advantage of our various discounts, which we can offer as we are a small company. This is because we want to assist every client in any way we can to save money.

About Andrew Wilcox, Founder

ANR Transport LLC was founded by Andrew Wilcox in 2000. He started his 30-year career in the fine art industry as a truck driver and art handler, eventually moving up within a fine art company dispatching and finally as a general manager.

Throughout the years, he developed his desire to start a fine art company that genuinely cared about the art. He also wanted to provide shuttle options for direct pickups and direct deliveries at no extra charge for the client. You may contact him through email at [email protected].

About Evie Wilcox, CEO/CFO

As an avid supporter of her husband’s dream, Evie came to ANR Transport LLC with strong business knowledge and a vision of what the company is and could be. Although she shifted her college degree from education to business, she immediately took art history courses upon accepting her husband’s wish for her to join the company.

She is always learning new business and art handling techniques to provide better services for the company and protect the world’s precious works of art and artifacts. Evie firmly believes that we need to learn something new every day, instilling this philosophy into our team.

Today, Evie continues studying about various museum methodologies. She is also considering pursuing a degree in Museum Studies. You may get in touch with her at [email protected].