ANR Cares About Each And Every Job From Beginning to End

Customized Crates for Your Fine Art and Valuable Objects of All Kinds

ANR recognizes that not every object needs to be crated, especially when using a Fine Art Transportation Company. We have the ability to build customized crates for those pieces that need extra care and security during transit

Marble Boards

is a specialized crate specifically for marble. ANR uses ¾” plywood that encases the marble, and we use Ethafoam for a smoother transition.

  • The economy crate or one way crate is very simplistic box crate but can be used more than once. ANR builds economy crates to satisfy any nationwide travel needs. We utilize Ethafoam as bumpers to provide additional support and security to the piece during its transit.
  • The slat crate is an open framed crate. ANR builds slat crates specifically for larger special projects for additional support to limit any mobility during its transit.
  • Travel Frames are designed to protect paintings with fragile surfaces or works of excessive value. Travel frames attach to the back of a painting and allow a free space around the face and sides of the work. The face of the work is protected by 3/4" x 4” battens. ANR recommends using Travel frames for any high value paintings and fragile surfaces.
  • Museum Exhibition Quality is the highest standard built with ¾” plywood panels, ¾” battens, fully routed edges, gaskets, fully lined Ethafoam, bolt lid closure and standard markings stenciled on the exterior (arrows up, umbrella, broken goblet, ANR’s symbol and our waterproof painted exterior with HD metal or Wood handles.
  • International shipping ANR utilizes 100 % plywood for all its crating purposes. Due to our use of 100% plywood, ANR ensures that all our International crates are processed smoothly and will not be held up through Customs import/export process. All International Crates are built in the Museum quality style to ensure its security and integrity.
  • Pallets are the only method of transportation that ANR does not use 100% plywood. However, Pallets are necessary to transport oversize objects. ANR uses Ethafoam, buckled cotton straps, and blankets for added support. We recognize that every job is unique and requires individual attention.